The Magical Land of Cherry Blossoms

This illustration was created using india watercolor ink. I was taking skillshare course: Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro Techniques,  by Yuko Shimizu at She was such an inspiration for me to try this new medium.

I started this illustration in sketches and thought about how this piece connects to me. As a mom, often times, I thought about how I would love to spend my days with my kids. We live in a tiny space with no yard. I often dreamt a day that me and my daughter would be going to a magical forest filled with cherry blossoms that looks like arching over us. Where my daughter would be running in the field, freely and she can play pretend all day long or have a picnic together. I also often thought about having a dog, as an additional family member in our lives.

This illustration piece below was a creation of that piece of thought that I had in mind. I called it – The Magical Land of Cherry Blossoms