Allrecipes Easy Everyday Cookbook

Easy Everyday Cookbook is the first and only full-color cookbook that Allrecipes ever produced.

This cookbook was designed using Freehand program, the book was printed in hardcover. I had the chance to collaborate with Creative Director, Jeff Cummings who worked on the cover page and I did the inside layout for the cookbook. Photographs were taken by Conrad Studio. The book is currently being sold at

“I bought this cook book as a gift and I love it so much that I am going to buy myself one. The recipes vary in difficulty and time. And I love that they list the nutritional information. There are also reviews included with many of the recipes that offer different twists and ideas that are really helpful. This is just truly a cookbook you should have in your collection.” – by J.Drizzle (amazon review)

Below: photo credit by Kim R Lamica